Willowick Senior Living Communities in Southern Wisconsin

Willowick offers several senior living communitites in southern Wisconsin.  Locations include Beloit, Clinton, and Janesville Wisconsin. Willowick was started by a local Registered Nurse and a health care administrator who live and work in Rock County. They believe that comprehensive, quality care and services can be provided in a beautiful setting at a reasonable rate. They are actively involved in all aspects of the management of the day to day operation and are available and passionate about the care and services at Willowick. They are available for you if you have questions or concerns and will work with you to help ensure your satisfaction.

Willowick is committed to something we like to call “The EVERYDAY WOW©.” This is that unique something special we strive to do for each individual resident by honoring who they are and their preferences, needs, etc. Upon move in, the resident and his or her family complete a Life History Form so we can learn as much as possible about you. This information is shared with staff to develop approaches to serve you and meet your needs. This helps achieve and maintain independence and honor the special things that YOU feel are important.

Willowick is a strong community partner. We are actively involved in the local communities around us. Our teams participate as volunteers and sponsors at events for hospice, local senior centers, and other community programs. We have a biweekly Grill ‘N Go where the public can buy delicious grilled meals during the warmer months. The proceeds from the grilled meals go to support local senior centers. Our staff participate in casual Fridays each week for a small donation. The money raised goes to support community initiatives. Currently, we are raising funds to support a local library. We are committed to being good stewards and fulfilling our mission of serving people including our local communities.

Willowick senior living communities  in southern Wisconsin are Diamond Accreditation Program participants. The Diamond Accreditation Program is a voluntary quality management program. This means that although our care and services are exceptional, we are continuously improving and evaluating, “What can we do better for the residents we serve?”