Memory Care in Clinton Wisconsin

We are honored that you are considering Willowick Moments memory care in Southern Wisconsin. We offer memory care communities in Clinton and Beloit Wisconsin.  Our Moments memory care communities are truly unique. Many memory care communities say they offer memory care but not all are created equally. There are specific and important things you should look for when evaluating a memory care community:

  • Does the community have specialized staffing patterns? Staffing patterns in memory care are not typically the same as in traditional assisted living. Ask about this! We have dedicated staffing positions and specialized staffing ratios for memory care.
  • Does the community have a nationally recognized, proven program for memory care services? Ask about this! We use the Best Friends® program – call today to learn more.
  • Does the community have specially designed and inviting buildings that include custom activity and living areas? Ask about ours!
  • Does the community have individualized activity and dining programs that acknowledge and maximize the individual’s strengths and capabilities? Ask about how we help people maintain a sense of self and independence!
  • Does the community ensure ongoing staff training so they are aware of best practices and approaches for memory care? Ask how we do this!
  • Is the community candid about what behaviors or conditions they cannot accommodate and what would result in discharge of an individual? Ask us about this!
  • Are the managers and nurses accessible and available for questions and answers? Ask about our 24/7 approach and involvement!
  • Are the residents encouraged to interact with staff and the environment with consideration that it’s THEIR home? Ask how we do this!
  • Last but not least – how do you FEEL when you are in the home? Does it look good, feel good, smell good? Ask about all the things you should look for in addition to these items. We can help!
What is The Best Friends™ Approach?

The Best Friends™ Approach was developed in the 1990s by Virginia Bell and David Troxel while they were working at the University of Kentucky, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Virginia and David developed the Best Friends™ Approach based upon their experiences with persons with dementia, family members, and adult day center care.

Simply put, they suggest that what a person with dementia needs most of all is a friend, a “Best Friend.” This can be a family member, friend, or staff member who empathizes with their situation, remains loving and positive, and is dedicated to helping the person feel safe, secure, and valued.

Ask about the seven building blocks of the Best Friends™ program that help others to “see” persons with dementia differently and help them live their best life.

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