FAQ About Our Affordable Senior Living Communities in Wisconsin

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Willowick communities are located in Clinton, Janesville, and Beloit. Willowick communities are all conveniently located and in inviting residential areas. Willowick in Clinton is at 306 Ogden Avenue. Willowick in Janesville is at 2860 Liberty Lane. Willowick in Beloit is at 1971 Cranston Road.

Expenses that are not included in the rate are the cost of medications, hair styling services, sundry items such as soap and shampoo, and individual phone service.

We accept both private and public funding. Although there are no guarantees for public funding because programs may change and individual eligibility requirements vary, we work with managed care organizations to assist you. This means that when your money runs out, you may be able to remain in your home at Willowick. This is often not the case at many other assisted living communities as many do not accept public funding.

We build communities that are livable. To us, this means between 20 and 36 suites maximum. Over many years of working with providers throughout Wisconsin and through operating our own communities, we have found this to be just the right size – not too big and not too small. In very small facilities (those under 20 units), we find that staff are required to do it all – housekeeping, maintenance, cooking, yet also provide care. In a “right-sized” community of between 20 and 36 suites, we can have separate housekeepers, maintenance staff, chefs, nurses, management, and CNAs and caregivers. We find that in facilities that are too big (anything over 36 units), it can become overwhelming to people – especially elderly people. Sometimes they feel as if they are just a number and the setting can be institutional and imposing. It can also be difficult to get to know others.

We accept admissions seven days per week any time. Although it’s preferable to do move in Monday through Friday as it helps coordinate questions and items you’re your physician and health care team, we understand that issues may arise quickly. Consequently, we are available for you 24/7.

Although we love pets – ours as well as our residents’ pets! – pets are allowed to visit at any time but may not live at Willowick. The reason for this is some residents may have health and safety issues related to pets. There are also times when a resident may be able to care well for a pet but over time, this ability can deteriorate which can adversely affect the resident and others as well as the pet. Consequently, pet visits are encouraged and appreciated but overnight pet stays are not allowed. We do request that vaccinations are current and that pets are well mannered.

Yes. We work with local agencies to help meet your needs and assist you to age in place. We expect the agencies we work with to attend care conferences and provide us with copies of their plan of care for you. We find that open communication and teamwork help achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Yes. Residents must have a physician. We prefer that you use your own personal physician but we can assist you with finding a local physician if you don’t have one.

Transportation is available to medical and dental appointments within ten miles. Transportation is available for group activities to local points of interest.

We have respite studios available for short term stay. The rate for respite is $135 per day.

Call us today at 608.774.2104 for more information and to learn why a Willowick community is the right choice for you.

We recommend that you reserve your suite today so your place is reserved. If you are not ready at the time a suite becomes available, we will retain your name on the list for such a time when you are ready.

Work with our partner agency, All Heart Home Care, to receive in home personal care services including housekeeping, meal preparation, assistance with grooming, bathing, and other personal care.

We work with our partner agency, Mallatts Pharmacy to ensure your medications are delivered on time and packaged in an approved medication distribution system. You may use medications from a mail order service or other system but they must follow certain system requirements as mandated by regulation.